For posters, sincerity is preferable to technical skill

May 1968

Advice to students and workers making posters in the occupied École des Beaux Arts, Paris, May 1968:

"Pour les affiches, la sincérité est préférable à la technique" 
(For posters, sincerity is preferable to technical skill)

Every night, hundreds of people passed through, making posters and putting them up on the wall, voting on them, doing print runs in the hundreds, and then running out to plaster them all over the city before daybreak. Straight lines and halftone gradients weren't anywhere to be seen: all you needed was a message, and maybe a metaphor. One that resonated with you and your comrades. And in those crowded, sweltering, harried rooms more brilliance was put to paper in a few weeks than the most avant garde design firms downtown could produce in a year.

It's a good antidote to the very real tendency toward elitism within the design profession.

Unfamiliar with the events of May 1968 in France? Here's your chance, read up.