June 1, 2010
The past two months have seen a pair of tragedies out at sea, both stemming from much larger problems that loom over humanity.
March 24, 2010
Andy Rutledge's confused attack on the First Things First manifesto reveals his own political and conceptual limitations.
March 13, 2010
For clients, I often need to make short URLs that link to long ones, and while services like and tinyurl are great, it's even better to have a URL that comes from the client's site. For example, you want to redirect immediately to
February 9, 2010
Michael Beirut discusses something that far too few of us really ruminate on: clients.
January 10, 2010
Check out this presentation by Alex Lundry on the way in which visualizations are becoming a new medium for political warfare.
December 1, 2009
Former anti-war Presidential candidate, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and current Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama has decided that to end the war in Afghanistan and pull out our young soldiers we must actually escalate the conflict and send in thirty thousand more soldiers.
September 23, 2009
Artist, designer, and author Josh MacPhee has a great blog post over at AK Press' blog, titled "Twenty Poster Books of Note."
September 21, 2009
It took far too long to actually post about it, but I became famous on the internet (well, my video did, which is close enough!). I was able to get this uploaded within a half hour of Kanye West's infamous drunken interruption.
July 26, 2009
I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of seeing protests full of nothing but large signs full up with that wretched font, Impact (I'm looking at you, ANSWER Coalition).
April 27, 2009
This year, ICOGRADA exhorts: "To mark World Graphics Day 2009, we want to know how you use design to effect change in the world around you."