March 5, 2009
This 2009 anti-Coca Cola calendar was designed by the Russian ad agency Great for its client Deka, a purveyor of popular Russian beverages. It's main brand of kvass (which is a fermented, mildly alcoholic beverage made from bread) is "Nikola," which is a play on words: "Nikola" is a common Russian name, but also sounds a lot like "ne cola," which means "not cola." The slogan to the right of the month on each page reads "Kvass: Don't Drink Cola, Drink Nikola!"
January 13, 2009
So apparently the editors at CMYK published a faux Nike ad submitted by a design student — an idiotic, homophobic, sexist ad.
January 13, 2009
Some clever political designers in Berlin have emphasized the shallow and plastic nature of a subway ad campaign for Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, and Christina Aguilera by the addition of Photoshop palettes.
January 9, 2009
There have been some wonderfully-designed posters and images surrounding the current catastrophe in Gaza. Here are some that I found particularly well done or interesting.
January 8, 2009
Shepard Fairey, darling of the hipster class and those who prefer personality cults to actual politics, has somehow managed to defecate on political art and design even more than he has already.
December 21, 2008
Nassos K. has a whole slew of posters created by Greek designers about the current rebellion in Greece.
December 4, 2008
I just got emailed these pictures from someone who wheatpasted blown-up versions of the Emma and Zapata posters near a standard Obama mural in DC by the Convention Center.
November 27, 2008
As the flow of money in the business and non-profit worlds slow to a trickle, often the first things to be cut are advertising, PR, and other design-related budgets. Our clients call less. We have trouble picking up new leads. Potential clients start off conversations with "We don't have money now, but...", trying to wring every last drop of upbeatness into the phone.
November 25, 2008
HOW has a new book out, focusing on women designers. "Women Of Design: Influence And Inspiration From The Original Trailblazers To The New Groundbreakers"
November 7, 2008
In what appears to be a coordinated event across major (and minor) cities across the country, people walking by their USA TODAY box on the morning of November 5th saw some rather unexpected headlines.