Client: Google

As part of a larger engagement with Google around Summer of Code, I was asked to design a logo for Melange, the open-source software framework that runs the Summer of Code site and other similar projects (e.g. Google Code-In).

The name "Melange" was picked by the development team as a nod to the world of Frank Herbert's Dune series. The team had several criteria for a successful logo, including ease of readability (many contributors did not speak English as their first language), overall "friendliness," but with at least a hint of the edgy or exotic to it.

The final logo, which due to the diversity of its applications was offered in two color options, tried to strike a balance between all those interests. The converging arrows on the "e" and "a" represent the collaborative nature of Melange, and as a nod to Dune, the arced gradients inside orange version of the logo hint at the sand-swept planet Arrakis.

Google Melange