Google Code-In

Helping high school students code a better open source movement.

Google Code-In

Client: Google

Google Code-In is an annual program that pays high school student programmers to contribute to a myriad of open source projects: everything from Linux, to Firefox, to Apache, to Drupal. (Their sister program, Google Summer of Code, is geared toward college students.)

Google's existing site, which housed thousands of discrete "tasks" for students to complete, a public and internal rating and commenting system, and robust search functions, was unintuitive and confusing. They came to us for both an aesthetic redesign and a comprehensive UI/UX overhaul. In addition to the overall site design, extensive wireframes and user workflows were created, along with several design iterations of user interface elements.

Google Code-In 2011

I took the gears and colors from the logo and created iconography to attach to each task. This allows students and administrators to quickly gauge the difficulty and status of a task at a glance. These icons are used extensively throughout the site.

Google Code-in

Here is a sample task from the point of view of a participant: