Hi! I am a designer, filmmaker, writer, and organizer based in Burlington, VT with clients and partners in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. I work with fantastic clients in the non-profit, small business, and social justice sectors.

Wireframes are visual representations of a user interface, stripped down to bare essentials. It’s a method of distillation so useful that we find variations of it across all design fields, from magazine layout to app development. With wireframes, designers can take a first stab at arranging a site’s content and functionality, while proposing answers to questions both important and mundane. Should the menu reside at the top or the left? Where should the search box go? How prominent should the latest update be?
Advice to students and workers making posters in the occupied École des Beaux Arts, Paris, May 1968: "Pour les affiches, la sincérité est préférable à la technique" (For posters, sincerity is preferable to technical skill)
A petition page is only as good as its follow-up. Here's how to customize it in Salsa.

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